photo credit: Brian Crumley

photo credit: Brian Crumley

How it all began...

Ryan Miller and Nicole Burke co-founded Golden Well Farm & Apiaries in New Haven, Vermont in 2012. Originally from opposite coasts, the couple met in New Mexico where their love of honeybees brought them together. After a tough year for bees in NM, pressured by drought, forest fires and bear attacks, was juxtaposed with their summer wedding in Vermont (where Nicole's family is from, and bee forage is plenty!), they decided to move back East to pursue their love of beekeeping, start a family and a farm. 

Ever since they first began keeping bees and growing food, their vision has always been to create a model farm where they could share their love of sustainable agricultural with others. They've been steadily working towards this vision and in 2011 began growing on their neighbor's land (until they were able to purchase the property with the help of VEDA and FSA in 2015) and have been selling vegetable as well as honey products at markets for the last few years. In 2014, they started a successful vegetable CSA and are working to expand their membership as well as enter into the wholesale market and in 2016 they received Organic Certification through VOF (Vermont Organic Farmers).

The couple enjoys involving their community with farm life. They are passionate about hosting AgEd events on the farm including workshops with folks like Clara Coleman and Jean Martin Fortier (author of The Market Gardener), kids farm camps, wildcrafting walks, internships and more. They also host regular farm to table events such as pizza nights, Basmati & Blues and larger events such as Farm To Ballet.

In addition to farming, the pair also owns and runs 2 Wolves Center, a wellness center once located in Vergennes. They've moved the wellness center to the farm and continue to host yoga, martial arts, and community classes and events. They are currently in process of incorporating their wellness center more deeply into the farm, offering wellness classes, retreats and farm stays. 

They are also proud parents to their daughter who was born in 2013 and has grown up farming alongside the couple. She is their joy maker, official hostess to their events and the resident chicken whisperer.

Their family is thrilled to have the opportunity to move forward with their vision of promoting sustainability through cultivating connections between healthy food, ecosystems, individuals and community.